My practice in Santa Barbara is now closed. Thank you for years of nourishing energy work and community.

Use this site as a meaningful Reiki archive and to follow my latest projects.

About Me

Reiki has changed the way I see the world, and what I offer to it. When not healing, I am a professional facilitator and communicator for ethical organizations. Harvard trained, Peace Corps volunteer, with my own history of needing healing. Learn about my Reiki story...

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is like an "energy massage," a rebalancing of your life force. In my experience, it is gentle, affirming, and insight-generating. Learn more about how it works and what to expect with a treatment.

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Custom Weddings

Weddings ought to be magical, and reflect you. I am a professional facilitator with deep experience in leading group ritual, and have a library of traditions to draw from. I will work with the couple the whole way.

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I am no longer booking appointments in Santa Barbara. My suggestion is that you contact the amazing Rochelle at Diamond Lotus Reiki.