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About Me

I have come to Reiki personally, authentically, and intuitively, wrapping it around my Harvard education and my campaigning for sustainable change in the everyday world. Find out more about my story and my training.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is gentle, affirming, and insight-generating. Learn more about the nature of the energy and what a treatment feels like.

Wedding Celebrations

A wedding can be a magical rite of passage. Let's work together to create a customized ceremony that reflects your partnership. I bring extensive public speaking experience and a breadth of knowledge of spiritual traditions.


Don't take my word for it. See what others are saying: "Whether you are looking for a therapeutic touch or just a relaxing treatment, everyone will benefit from his skill and his spirit.”

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Reiki Share Tuesday June 17th

The latest in an amazing series of Reiki Shares, where we gather in community to spread Reiki love. Details on Meetup Explanation of how a Share works, and why do one.

Purpose Mapping Overview

The Soul Canteen
4 weeks to connect to your fullest self
Purpose Mapping with Seth has one singular function: to set you on the path to living out your highest purpose.
Entelechy (ĕn-tĕl′ĭ-kē): […]

My Rates

Prices vary for outcalls and office visits. Packages available.
  • 60 minute Reiki treatment: $75
  • 90 minute Reiki treatment: $110
  • Wedding counseling, preparation, and customized ceremony: $1000
  • Purpose Mapping 4 sessions: $250
I offer online scheduling using BookFresh
Monday To Saturday 11AM To 8PM