About Me

I am a healer who took a gentle path to learning to trust and work with my intuition. I grew up cultivating a strongly analytical mind, and received my undergraduate degree at Harvard University. However, a series of personal health issues led me to rediscover Reiki in my 20s, and with it, a new dimension of understanding the world opened up. I came to know that  materialistic, everyday, cocktail-party ways of knowing aren’t the only ways of knowing. I began to pay closer attention to sounds, gentle flickers of light, smells, and pure instinct.

Read the full story of my Reiki journey here.


As a healer, I have gathered wisdom from a number of sources. I was raised in the bosom of a Jewish family. My own spiritual leanings are Buddhist, and I have especially benefited from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and Tibetan vajrayana. Two particularly potent spiritual communities for me have been the Integral Awakening Group in San Francisco and the global Burning Man community.


My professional life has been deeply dedicated to social and economic justice and building sustainability in the nonprofit and for profit sectors. I served in the Peace Corps in Bolivia, did advocacy in Washington, DC, trained thousands of Walmart associates about personal sustainability, and helped launch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Visit LinkedIn if you want the deets.


I got my traditional education in political science at Harvard, with helpful assists along the way from Massapoag Martial Arts, the University of Cape Town, and Landmark Education.

I am currently learning about medicinal plants from the incredibly knowledgeable Sue Reinhart in Santa Barbara.


I am fortunate to have a beautiful, wise sweetheart who is a professional in somatic psychology and teaches me much about the bodymind.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and travelling.

I am also a student of Aikido, under Lia Suzuki Sensei at Aikido Kenkyukai Santa Barbara.

When not healing or brainstorming,  I am always cooking with local, seasonal food – “Iron Seth” is my alter ego.