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About a year ago, I decided that my Reiki practice was “ready for prime time” and launched Panza de Oro, complete with logo, newsletter, and this website. I was also spurred to build greater Reiki community in Santa Barbara, and so, in partnership with my friend Rachil at the Sage Center, opened the doors for

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Maslows Hierarchy

Psych 101: Security, Love, Ascension

I relish opportunities to re-learn what you thought you knew. Herewith, a reflection on the challenges of 2012, meeting our needs on many dimensions, and where Reiki helps. Sometimes we place Reiki or other spiritual endeavors as a “higher order” activity, one that is all about self-actualization, ascension, connection with Goddess and Spirit. We shunt

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Talking to Spirit Guides: Dialogue Journaling

I believe that when we undertake to channel Reiki, or conduct any other significant spiritual endeavor, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Our teachers, ancestors, guardian spirits, and the great Source all support our soul-centered journey, and I always invite clients to call their own guides into the room. There are many methods for

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