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Making the Invisible Visible

The long story of human investigation into our singular world has arguably been about making the invisible visible. We might reflect on the recent breakthroughs wrought by the international teams of scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider, who finally confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson. For decades, physicists had acted as if this particle existed,

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Public Talk Jan. 29: Got Soul? The Urgency of Soul-Centered Leadership

It’s always fascinating how the Universe presents opportunities and pushes us forward. The constraints of everyday life (i.e. bills) mean I make most of my living in sustainability consulting, marketing, and workplace wellness, not in Reiki, despite how it might appear to those tracking this site. But I don’t always want to be an “expert”

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Reiki Netflix – video introductions to the art

I have curated a few of my favorite YouTube videos that provide solid Reiki info. Watch and enjoy!   REIKI Integrative Health Care by Pamela Miles Nicely produced introduction by a well-respected Reiki practitioner includes action shots of people receiving treatment. “Reiki Is Balance”   Learn Reiki in 10 Minutes by Dr. Randolph Shipon A

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