About a year ago, I decided that my Reiki practice was “ready for prime time” and launched Panza de Oro, complete with logo, newsletter, and this website.

I was also spurred to build greater Reiki community in Santa Barbara, and so, in partnership with my friend Rachil at the Sage Center, opened the doors for a monthly Reiki Share, a venue I had so enjoyed in the Bay Area under Bronwyn and Anna.

These were the first times I had offered my healing services as a professional, with all the trappings (including liability insurance and intake forms) that includes.

PDO back Apr 2012

It was a gesture of faith, that Reiki ought to command a public place in my life, and was worthy gift for me to let out into the world. It meant faith that you would read my posts, and faith that by putting my Reiki practice on the reverse side of my professional business card, I wouldn’t put anyone off.

Biz Card April Front 2012

And you know what? It’s been a year of miracles. I have built a strong healing community in Santa Barbara (including the pleasure of always running into people at Sunday Dance Tribe). Clients continue to appear, some of them even random ones from Yelp. My exploration of intuition and healing has deepened, particularly growing into work in shamanism and shamanic journey work.

And even more importantly, I am taking the biggest leap of faith of my intuitive life yet in a few short weeks, when I get married to my sweetheart of five years. I truly believe my ability to be a loving partner, fully present, enjoying what comes, and experiencing all of my emotions, would not be possible without having Reiki in my life for these last 15 years.

So here’s to opening up new doors and stepping through them.


  • Santa Barbara: 2 years
  • Panza De Oro Reiki: 1 year
  • Marriage: Day Zero…







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  1. jan fisher Reply

    Hey there. I am a level 2 Reiki practitioner. I moved to Santa Barbara in June from NYC and am looking to connect with the Reiki community.

    While in NY, I practiced Reiki @ Beth Israel Hospital, Coler Hospital and Gilda’s Foundation.

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