Purpose Mapping Overview

The Soul Canteen

4 weeks to connect to your fullest self

Purpose Mapping with Seth has one singular function: to set you on the path to living out your highest purpose.

Entelechy (ĕn-tĕl′ĭ-kē): the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized; the vital force thought to direct the life of an organism

Our premise: that you – the particular you living in your body, with your soul, in this particular era, in this lifetime – has a unique gift to offer the world. If you can find it, and begin to live it, you will be happier and healthier, and the world around you will benefit.

Our goals:

  1. Help you start the process of identifying your purpose
  2. Help “clear a path” to access and work with your purpose
  3. Leave you with practical tools you can use to keep refining your purpose and connect to your highest self

How it works:

The process is a combination of meetings (best done in person, also possible by video-chat or phone), reading, and exercises. You have to do the homework to make the conversations productive. This vibrant dialogue is what I call the “Soul Canteen.”

The basic experience is four hours of conversations/sharing together, plus an equivalent amount of reading and exercises. They can be done as a “crash course” in a weekend or week, but are typically spread out over 4 weeks.

A helpful note:your “purpose” doesn’t necessarily tell you what job you should take, where you should live or who you should marry. Your “purpose” – which can take a long time to fully realize – is information about who you are really meant to be in this world. It can provide meaningful direction, but you have to learn to live it.

Cost: $250 for the four-session intro


Major Reference Points
Tim Kelly, True Purpose

Ken Wilber, Integral Life Practice

Bill Plotkin, SoulCraft


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