Reiki Shares

What Is a Reiki Share?

A Reiki share is a gathering of well-intentioned people playing joyfully and care-fully with healing energy. Rather than one-on-one practice, we come together in community. Everyone present has a chance to both give and receive Reiki. No experience is required. Depending on how many people are present, everyone usually spends about 8-15 minutes on the table and the rest of the time offering to others. You will get Reiki from a whole bunch of people at once!

Why Is It Awesome?

The good juju inside a Reiki share is totally palpable. The room usually gets hot. The giggles are often plentiful. And the healing people experience can be profound. When you get Reiki from so many hands at once it’s like getting healing from the many-armed goddess. We all get mutually lifted up be the Reiki that is flowing through the room. It’s impossible not to catch that Reiki tidal wave!

Who Should Come?

Everyone is welcome at a Reiki share, even if you have never worked with Reiki or energy healing before. The share is great for:

  • Reiki Masters looking to build community
  • Reiki students who want experience with the energy
  • Curious folks who aren’t yet comfortable with a 1:1 treatment but want to check out Reiki
  • Practitioners of other healing disciplines who want to see what Reiki is about
  • Anyone in need of healing who feels able to give as well as receive
  • People who want Reiki but can’t afford an individual session

Why Group Work?

There is great power in community, in working for mutual benefit, and in the smiles of other people. My own experience has been that when I am down in the dumps, or feeling disconnected from healing, or unsure of myself as an intuitive being, a Reiki share does remarkable good. When we gather together, there are always those who can empathize with our experience, and also those who can remind us of other options for being. Working together helps build our Reiki community, introducing us to other trusted healers and helping us and make personal and professional connections. We learn new techniques and get inspiration from the way others work. In community, we celebrate our abundance, and overcome our isolation. A Reiki share is also a comfortable place for newcomers to explore Reiki.

Is There a Cost?

We ask for a $10 donation to help defray the expenses of the space and the organizing efforts. However, this is truly on a dana basis, and no one will be turned away (or thought ill of) for lack of funds.

What Should I Bring?

A water bottle. Your generous spirit. A notebook and pen if you like. Any pendulums, crystals, or charms you use in your Reiki work. Items you want to charge up on our impromptu altar. A $10 recommended donation.

How Will The Time Go?

We will begin by welcoming and creating sacred space with basic ritual. We will conduct simple introductions. We will talk a bit about how Reiki works – what it is, and how it is practiced. This especially helpful for those new to Reiki. It’s also a chance for the experienced folks to share what they know. We will set intention for our time together. Then we will split up the group based on attendance – usually 4-6 people to a table. We mix experienced Reiki practitioners and newcomers. Someone will volunteer to get on the table. Their group will ask them if there is anything particular they need help with today, and any areas of discomfort we ought to avoid. They will receive 8-15 minutes of Reiki, depending on how much time we have. At the end of the time, the leader will signal, and the group will wrap up. We will switch who is on the table. If it any point you don’t feel like getting on the table or working on the person, you are free to gently decline. Once everyone who wants to has received Reiki, we will conduct a brief closing. If time permits, people will be invited to share their experiences. We will say a closing prayer, and rededicate our Reiki to the healing of all beings, sending the excess energy to the Earth.



These ground rules will help us create sacred, healing space that works for everyone at the Share.

1) Be prompt and stay to the end. Our time together is limited, and it shows great respect by being on time. Once we are into the healing, it is very disruptive for people to arrive. Everyone wants a chance to give and receive Reiki, so please stay to the end of the share.

2) Practice safe touch. Absolutely no breasts, genitals, or buttocks. Each time someone gets on the table, please ask them if there are any areas of concern. If you are receiving Reiki and have particular sensitivities, it is your responsibility to be pro-active and let your group know.

3) Stay engaged. The Reiki share is a sacred space. There will inevitably be moments of deep stillness, uproarious bouts of laughter, and some profound magic. Let’s try to make space for all of it by remaining connected to the group. Don’t hold lengthy side conversations. If you need to step away from the table, do so, but please come back promptly. Cell phones off.

4) Communicate with compassion (aka Be Nice). Many of us don’t know each other, but we can presume that the ever-positive Reiki has brought us together for a reason. Please approach your fellow share-ers with an open mind and deep compassion. Speak truthfully and lovingly. Try to keep your ego out of the way. Don’t dominate the conversation or the work. If you have a concern with what someone is saying or doing, get in touch with your throat chakra, and express yourself clearly. When someone is speaking to you, try to hear them with your highest self. When you are receiving Reiki, ask for what you need.

6 comments on “Reiki Shares”

  1. joy Reply

    Thank you, non-violent creatures, for your brave and warm attendance on Sunday. We are weavers of light, as Seth said. Perhaps in our brightest posture we intend to bring healing to ourselves and each other as we did Sunday afternoon. The ability to embody this action may be a gift from those before us and alongside us who have accumulated or are accumulating similar positive healing energy. It is also a gift we offer to all that Live and it is a privilege to create good juju in this way.
    Also, when we Intend No Harm but perhaps do some anyway we are paying karmic debts and inevitably racking up a bit more. (Boo…. Ah, samsara…) When we do big harm on purpose (and what a miracle it was to meet a group of beings at the Reiki share who clearly do not!… at least not frequently or regularly…) we are certainly playing out karma, but alas creating more that is not creative or life-giving. Other than… we create opportunities for others to learn and practice and embody forgiveness. (What is a “bad” man but a good man’s job? What is a good woman but a “bad” woman’s teacher?…. Tao te Ching). And even though it’s 2012 (major consciousness shift in effect??) We (the royal Divine “We”: “we all”) have not yet reached a place in time when we no longer need training in that!
    May we be guided in each moment to at least do no harm, and at most co-create joy and relief for all that Live.
    See you folks July 29th! (I think that’s our next Share…)
    ~~~ Joy

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  3. Wenonah Reply

    Hi! I was wondering if this is still going on? I have never been but would love to learn and connect!

    Thank you!

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