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Maslows Hierarchy

Psych 101: Security, Love, Ascension

I relish opportunities to re-learn what you thought you knew. Herewith, a reflection on the challenges of 2012, meeting our needs on many dimensions, and where Reiki helps. Sometimes we place Reiki or other spiritual endeavors as a “higher order” activity, one that is all about self-actualization, ascension, connection with Goddess and Spirit. We shunt

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Public Talk Jan. 29: Got Soul? The Urgency of Soul-Centered Leadership

It’s always fascinating how the Universe presents opportunities and pushes us forward. The constraints of everyday life (i.e. bills) mean I make most of my living in sustainability consulting, marketing, and workplace wellness, not in Reiki, despite how it might appear to those tracking this site. But I don’t always want to be an “expert”

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