“I had my first Reiki session with Seth on his back porch, and to be honest I came in a bit skeptical of Reiki in general.  It was a surreal experience–I could feel the energy flowing across different parts of my body as he did his work.  I was stunned to find that a lot of the healing was concentrated on my hands, as I was cracking my knuckles at the time (and since stopped).  When I woke up, I felt the most “in tune” and balanced I had felt in my life!”
-Michael, PhD student
“Seth Nickinson brings a calm and confident energy to his Reiki practice.  His healing hands added a genuine warmth and light to my massage session.  Whether you are looking for a therapeutic touch or just a relaxing treatment, everyone will benefit from his skill and his spirit.”
-Dawn, theater management
“After an accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down, Seth visited me in the hospital on an almost daily basis. Working with him not only got the energy moving in my body again but brought me the peace of mind and strength of spirit to enable me to begin the long process of healing myself. At a time when Western medicine basically abandoned me to painkillers, Seth played a major role in my full recovery. Each session I felt more and more energy moving through the affected areas of my body and – perhaps more importantly – a balance and a determination to overcome my debilitating condition.”
– Joel, carpenter & artist
“I fractured several vertebrae in a car accident and was in need of physical, as well as mental and emotional, healing.  Seth’s ease, warmth, and intuitive energy helped to ease the pain, and his gentle spirit was a welcome ray of sunshine during a difficult time.”
-Kate, business executive
“I’ve recently made an effort to explore bodywork modalities, for a variety of health and well reasons, but even more so, to explore the connections between body and spirit. I met Seth through a talk he gave on alternative healing, and decided to add Reiki to my quest. I wasn’t sure of what to expect, but found the experience very pleasant. It brought up new ideas about how the body heals itself. For example, Seth noticed that I had energy blockages on my right side, which made a lot of sense, since I had recently sprained my ankle and was still experiencing pain there. Talking with Seth about how something like a sprain affects your body,via the accumulation of red blood cells, etc., felt very illuminating and I really benefited from my Reiki experience. Thanks!”
-Jennifer, nonprofit professional

“I have had the chance to work with many wonderful healers in my life. Each one has their unique gifts and techniques for healing. My favorite and most effective healer is Seth Nickinson.  His powerful energy and intuitive healing have helped me through some of my most challenging times.  Over five years ago I experienced one of the most traumatic events in my life.  My body and spirit began to crumble under the stress.  Seth was able to bring peace and healing energy into my life though his Reiki sessions. His intuitive insights into what was going on in my body restored my inner confidence to let my heart heal and my love grow stronger. He always said that I lead from the heart, but I think the truth is that Seth has the power to heal one’s heart and body.  If you are looking to bring healing into your life you owe it to yourself to have a session with Seth. You will be happy and grateful you did.”

-Aaron, Internet sales




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  1. Cari Jacobs Reply

    I had major hip surgery which required me to be bedridden for 3 weeks and on crutches for 2.5 months. Aside from the apparent physical shifts happening, I could also sense a spiritual film from being put to sleep. Seth’s healing hands, compassionate heart and keen mind brought clearing, balance, light and ease back to my body, mind and spirit. Seth is the real deal and approaches his practice in both an intellectual and intuitive manner which left me feeling both confident in his skills and in direct experience of the effect of Reiki.

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