The Simplest Reiki of Them All: Part 1

When I host a Reiki Share (like the one upcoming Sunday Jan. 27th) we are often blessed by the presence of individuals totally new to Reiki and energy work. Their openness, curiosity, and  enthusiasm always adds a powerful “beginner’s mind” to the collective work.

Often, to honor the novices and to give ourselves a “tune up,” I utilize exercises that allow us to quickly and simply reconnect to the Reiki energy. Since Reiki is Universal life force, it’s all around us at all times. It doesn’t take much to plug in and to begin to sense and see it.

Here’s perhaps the simplest exercise of them all. Do try this at home.


5 minute groove on the Reiki train

1) Get comfortable: in a chair, on the floor, or on the couch, or in bed.


Relax your body. Calm your breathing.


2) Bring your palms together in front of your heart. Prayer position.  We call it “gassho” in Reiki.



3) Pause there for about 30 seconds. Set an intention for positive healing, energy to flow through you as you do this exercise. Let your mind wander in gratitude to some of your Teachers, elders, object of worship, or guiding spirits.


Gently separate your hands.


5) Place your palms on your own body. Bring one  palm to your belly, right over or just above your belly button. Place your other hand over your heart. Use whichever hands are most comfortable. Like this guy (who is also breathing, apparently!)

hands on heart and belly





6) Notice. Just see what you sense. Do your hands feel warm? Cold? One different than the other? Does either of them feel heavy? What do you detect? Does your stomach rumble? Does your heartbeat change? How is your breathing affected? What do you feel? Are you inclined to move one hand? Do you suddenly feel more at ease or more anxious?


I am offering a money-back guarantee that there will be something to notice if you look closely. And most likely, you will physically experience a specific, dynamic sensation of some type in your hands or torso.


Then we can be curious: Why would this be?  Aren’t we just placing one piece of muscleboneflesh on another?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki.



To learn more, join us at a share or book a session.





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